Pro Series Kit 2 (Henna Powder)

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If you prefer mixing your own henna, this kit will be perfect for you and contains EVERYTHING you will need to get started with your henna business!

Kit Includes:

  • 1 4'x2' "Henna Tattoos" banner
  • 20 boxes of Jamila Henna Powder - Professional quality henna each containing 100 grams of powder
  • 1 Ultimate Henna Design Book - 150 pages full of designs
  • 1 Henna Tattoo Bible - This book will go over the henna business in great detail and give you all the tips and tricks you need for applying henna
  • 8 Jacquard Applicator Bottles - Each including a .9mm metal tip
  • 2 bags of Cloves
  • 2 bags of Black Tea
  • 2 bags of Black Walnut Powder
  • 12 bottles of Shelly Oil to mix with your henna powder and apply before and after the tattoo for extra dark stains
  • 4 transfer pads for tracing the designs from the books
  • 4 transfer pens for transferring the designs from the transfer paper to the skin
  • 8 11"x17" posters for hanging up or flash art
  • 50 Tattoo Aftercare Cards - These explain to the customers how to care for the tattoo
  • 1 Tote Bag for all your supplies
  • Complete Instructions

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