Lip Stains

Entice Lip Stains are not like traditional products which lays on top of the skin loaded with chemicals. Instead, Entice is a wonderful, natural, plant-based dye that temporarily stains the skin and absorbs into the top layer so you feel as if there is nothing on your lips at all. Once properly applied, the color will not smear, smudge or transfer to your coffee cup or clothing. Because it is a stain, it will not fade while swimming or playing sports...Now that's lasting lip color!

Mix and match Entice lip stain colors together produce that special "signature hue" you desire by layering them or mixing the gels together and applying with a lip brush. With colors from mild to wild, subtle to bold, they all are beautiful on your skin! Entice lip stains are a thick gel that is very easy to apply.

Each 15ml tube comes with a sponge applicator tip to apply a thin layer of gel to your lips or cheeks. After applying, allow the gel to sit on the skin for a few moments to absorb, blot with a lint-free tissue, and you are done! Apply 1 layer for a light, translucent color or use several layers to obtain a richer, deeper, darker color. Each tube of Entice Lip Stain is good for up to 50 applications or more. you'll be amazed how much longer it will last!

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