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We carry a complete line of products to go along with henna. We've got bottles, oils, spices, tea, empty cones, henna tattoo posters, Henna Artist canvas bag, Henna Tattoo Artist banners, everything you need to start and keep your business going and growing! If you don't see it here, ask us to get it!

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1 Applicator Bottle:

Package includes:
1 - 1/2 oz Jacquard Bottle with the 9 mm metal tip and nib (for attaching tip to bottle)

These bottles are great for Henna application.


1 Jacquard Bottle $4.95

3 Pack Applicator Bottles:

Package includes:
  • 3 Jacquard Bottles with Metal tips:
  • 1 with 5mm tip
  • 1 with 7mm tip
  • 1 with 9mm tip
  • 3 Bottle Cap


3 Pack Jacquard Bottles $14.95

Economy Bottle
Economy Bottle is great for oils and glitter. Store extra henna in them so you always have Henna ready to use. Colored Henna is easier to use in these bottles because the tip is larger.


$1.79 ea.

1 0z. larger size round clear bottle with two tips, one fine point  for intricate work and one large point for filling in large areas plus a cap and nib. This bottle  is similar to the jacquard bottle but has a longer needle style tip and is a larger 1 oz size.


Syringe bottle 2 tips $7.49

4 Empty Cones. This is the way traditional henna was meant to be applied...Mix up your henna powder and place it in these cones for easy application. Reusable, sturdy plastic.

Item # 500

4 Shelly Cones $9.95

Carrot Bags
This is about as traditional as it gets for Henna. Also great for mixing and transferring your Henna paste into tiny bottles.


5 Carrot Bags $4.49

Henna King transfer kit
Design transfer kit. Use this kit to transfer designs from any drawing in our books or from your own pre printed designs. Comes complete with tracing paper and a special tracing pen. Simply trace the design from the book using the special pen and tracing paper and wet your skin. Place the tracing paper on you skin with the design side towards the skin. You will have an outline to follow. Simply henna over the transfered design.


Design Book Transfer Kit $9.95

Transfer Markers
Tattoo Mini Transfer Markers are what is  used in  Tattoo Parlors across the nation. They are used in conjunction with tracing paper to transfer  designs onto the skin. Tattoo markers can also be used to draw directly on the skin so that you will limit mistakes while applying henna. This really makes Henna Tattooing a breeze. Each mini marker will make several hundred tattoo transfers. Size of the marker may vary.


1 Stencil Marker $4.99

Henna posters
A set of 7 heavy laminated posters each 11"x17". They include Kanji, Lower Back, Butterflies, Fairies, Flowers, Tribal, Arm Band and more..... This is a collection on the most popular designs being displayed by Henna artist's. This set will surely increase your sales. Supply is limitted.


7 Poster Series A $59.00

Henna tattoo after care instructions
Tattoo aftercare instruction cards. Give one to your customers after you have applied the Henna design. It will help them understand how to get the darkest and long lasting stain. Our wholesale customers are in love with these!


Pack of 50 Cards  $5.99 

Henna Artist Tote Bag
Heann Tie Dye or Peace Canvas Tote Bag
18 inch by 18 inch

Great for toting all your henna supplies to the party. Another Henna King exclusive. Limited supply.


Tote Bag

Henna Artist Banner
Henna Tattoos Business Banner

Advertise your Henna Tattoo business with this 4' x 2.5' banner that says


Henna Tattoo Banner

Buy all 5 Essential Oils and we will throw in the Shelly Mehndi blend Oil for FREE! You get: Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Lavender, Ravensara and Tee Tree, plus the Shelly Oil for Free. All this for ONLY $24.95 It even comes in a cute jute bag for storage.


5 Essential Oils Pack Only $24.95

This tea will make your henna paste stain extra dark. It's stronger then the tea you get in the USA and has more acidity to it making it a necessary ingredient in mixing your own Henna.


Black Indian Tea 1 oz. $2.99

Use walnut powder to make your henna stain darker brown in color. You can either add the powder to your henna mix or simmer it with your tea mix and add it with the liquids. This stuff really works and you only need a teaspoon for every 100 grams of henna powder.


Black Walnut Powder 1 oz.$5.79

Another way to make your henna stain darker. Just boil the cloves  in with your tea for darker stains guaranteed. This is an ancient practice and it really does darken the stain. It gives your Henna a great smell too!


Cloves from India 1 oz. $3.19

Use these brushes for the Colored Henna Pastes or with any stencil. Also great for applying glitter to Henna tattoos.


Artist Brushes $4.49 set


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